My artwork and research explores identity construction in the age of social media and its contemporary problematisation. It focuses on issues of identity, online culture, the fluidity of identity in contemporary society, and social media as an extension of the self (effectively, an expansion of McLuhan's concept). 

By using my body and life to stage experiments, I investigate the social media phenomenon and its influence on behaviour – in particular, the relationship between an individual’s online and offline existence. In doing so, I appropriated various social networking websites (including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram) in the process of creation. This allows fellow users to become co-creators as they interact, interpret, and engage with my work. Through this participatory element, my art projects remain in a state of flux, and invite participants as well as viewers to develop a critical view of social media and its effects on our lives.  

Social media art projects are topical due to the medium’s accelerating development and rise in significance in recent years. Social media has gradually transformed the way people establish inter-subjective connections with each other and the world at large. By involving interactive online platforms in the creation of my work, I aim at achieving a better understanding of the construction of art in the era of social media, the impact such works have and the way they communicate to us.