Eleonora is her real name. Heulwen, which means sunshine in Welsh, and Madam Me Mamnn are the two pseudonyms she goes by as an artist. She’s a very creative person. So far, in the space of a single year, she has made a success of all her career choices: actress, cartoonist, yogi, exotic dancer, painter, fashion photographer, tattoo artist and stylist. Recently she has even begun making a name for herself as a singer. Notwithstanding her many other talents, Eleonora has always particularly wanted to become a famous singer and thus prove to her family, and the people of her small home village of Nowhere, that she can achieve her ambition despite all their criticism. She is, in fact, the sort of person who can make a success of anything. At the age of 29 or 30, or maybe 32 - she steadfastly refuses to divulge her exact age - she's truly happy and confident that she’s finally ready to make the right choice without outside help. 

Eleonora is to all appearances lovely, sweet and shy but she is also a very strong woman with a mind of her own, daring and free spirited. She is supremely confident, often engaging in adventures her mother, Maria, would never have dared to even dream of. She is modern, independent, scatty and generous to a fault. Her character, Madam Me Mamnn, is sexually voracious, which can sometimes make it a little uncomfortable for her in certain situations. She refuses to be labelled or categorized, preferring to think of herself as a bit of a chameleon. She also sees herself as a women’s rights activist. 

Eleonora is Virgo with ascendant in Aquarius. She is fascinated by the perfection of colours. She lives in her own fantasy-world and is convinced that, if she dyed her hair pink and blue, it would make her feel closer to her real self. She buys her clothes at vintage shops and flea markets. She's most definitely a hipster, but a hipster strictly in accordance with her own definition of the term. As for her taste in clothes, once she started to earn more and had become a singer, she began to treat herself to some rather fancy and chic little outfits with a touch of high tech. She has always loved high-end technology. Eleonora is authentic and enthusiastic.  

She feels as though she has never truly fitted in anywhere. Despite her success, she has relatively few friends but likes to spend her free time in the trendy local coffee shop, where she herself once worked, in the company of her two best buddies from childhood, Rainbow and Moonbeam.  

She has recently moved in with her boyfriend, Josh – her soul mate. Currently they are living in Shoreditch, where their flat is full of the most amazing plants, which they go out and buy together. Both of them are vegetarians and Eleonora is an excellent cook, serving up delicious organic, gluten and dairy free, vegetarian food. Gin, rather than water, is Eleonor’s favourite drink. They have a very friendly dog. 

Eleonora has been invited to perform at a festival in Cardiff. She is thrilled by this invitation, having also heard that Cardiff is great fun, especially at weekends. And Eleonora likes to have fun, a lot of fun.